SET STAGIONALIDinosaur eggs are hatching in the lego house! Happy Easter!

Dinosaur eggs are hatching in the lego house! Happy Easter!

Is a special Easter in the masterpiece gallery of Lego House in Billund. This display space will house LEGO models made and inspired by fans, at the centre of which are three enormous dinosaurs built from Duplo, System and Technic parts.

Each dinosaur will stand over three and a half metres tall and are representative of the three current LEGO building systems.

Duplo Dinosaur:
The Duplo dinosaur is brightly coloured to reflect the fun and vibrant nature of LEGO Duplo. It contains 50,904 bricks, the fewest of the three, but is not lacking in detail as flowers dot the skin of the dinosaur and digger shovels form the claws. This technique was suggested by fans and shows that clever use of parts is not limited to System or Technic but can also be applied to Duplo.

System Dinosaur:
The System dinosaur is the most realistic of the three, with an earthy colour scheme and plenty of textured detail. This model contains 253,274 pieces and incorporates traditional building techniques, although there are still many delightful features to be discovered, including highly detailed eyes with a piercing gaze.

Technic Dinosaur:
The Technic dinosaur contains the most parts, weighing in with some 298,431 elements! This presented the greatest challenge as large scale display models are rarely built using Technic, although a paneled design was finally chosen. Over 700 panels, with 18 unique designs, are required to cover the entire dinosaur!

Watch as the giant LEGO dinosaurs move into LEGO House. Placed in the Masterpiece Gallery, these impressive LEGO creations are the result of talented LEGO fans and LEGO designers collaborating. You can see the three LEGO dinosaurs and many more incredible LEGO builds when you visit LEGO House, in Billund, Denmark. See more at

The LEGO House dinosaurs set is available exclusively at the LEGO House in Billund.